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RAZOR LED Protection Case - Genshin Impact

RAZOR LED Protection Case - Genshin Impact

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About our Protective Cases

Our LED phone cases are at the cutting edge of the latest technology! They are equipped with intelligent chips and will light up to the rhythm of your calls, messages or even your music! The LEDs have 7 different colors. All our protective cases are designed in a humanized way for better checks. The materials used are of good quality to provide you with a product with beautiful finishes.

Main Features:

  • Smart phone case with 7 different colors incorporating high-tech chip. This will light up to the rhythm of your calls, messages received, or even music.
  • Tempered Glass phone case, designed with high quality materials for resistance to all tests. Camera also protected.
  • Low Voltage for low battery consumption.
  • Shuts off within 10 seconds when the phone is locked or goes to sleep.
  • USBC connection, which provides additional protection against dirt.
  • Compatible with Induction Chargers.

About Razor

Razor is a young boy living in the Territory of Wolves , near Mondstadt . Raised by wolves, he lives like them and only cares about essential things: where to sleep warm and dry; what to eat.

One day, he crossed paths with a man who gave him his name, taught him human language, and taught him how to use a weapon.
Razor is aware that he is not like the other members of his pack, but he also stays away from other humans.

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