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XINQIU Silicone Protective Case - Genshin Impact

XINQIU Silicone Protective Case - Genshin Impact

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About our Protective Cases

Our Silicone Phone Cases are designed with the latest generation equipment, improving the quality of protection for your phone as well as a high definition design! All our protective cases are designed in a humanized way for better checks. Featuring the EYE angle , our cases offer better protection for the angles and camera of your device and are treated with an Anti-fading coating, preventing degradation of the design.

Main Features:

  • High quality Silicone protection, made by high performance professional printing equipment.
  • EYE Angle: Our protection features EYE Angle, an improvement to corner and camera protection on Silicone Cases.
  • Anti-fading treatment.
  • Compatible with induction chargers.

About Xinqiu

Xingqiu is the young heir of the Feiyun clan but, although he has some talent for business, he has only two passions: literature and the fallen Guhua clan. Indeed, he fights according to the precepts of this clan and defies anyone who has the audacity to mock them.

His passion for books pushes him to buy them frequently and it is not uncommon to find them at the bookstore or in a library. He even attempted to write his own novel, but sales were almost non-existent.

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