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PIKACHU Plush 20CM - Pokémon

PIKACHU Plush 20CM - Pokémon

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About our Soft Toys

All our Soft toys are made from PP cotton for optimal quality and absolute comfort. Padding anti-allergens in cotton .

Washing by hand or 30 ° by machine.

⚠️ As a precautionary measure, we do not recommend the use of Soft toys for the Children under 3 years old.

⚠️ It is possible to see a slight difference in the color of the Plush . The material used as well as the brightness can affect the visual rendering.

⚠️ A small difference in size of 1 to 2cm may be noted on our stuffed animals . In fact, measurements are taken by hand, which can cause damage.

Pikachu is a small, chubby Pokémon that resembles a rodent, with a body covered in yellow fur with two brown horizontal stripes down its back. It has a small mouth, long pointed ears with black tips, and black and white eyes. He has a red marking on each of his cheeks which is actually a pocket containing electricity. It has five small toes at the end of each of its forelimbs, while its hind legs have three small toes. It has brown fur at the base of its lightning-shaped tail. Although categorized as a quadruped, it is capable of standing and moving on its hind legs.

Pikachu was not initially designed as a rodent or mouse but as a simple round creature. However, his electricity pockets are inspired by the pouches that certain rodents, including squirrels, use to store food and it was ultimately decided to present him as a mouse. Its black pointed ears and the pattern on its back are not inspired by any animal and the lightning shape of its tail was chosen to explain its Electric type.

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